We are constantly at work for further development relevant to the demanding operating conditions. Today our clients know that ARYA is a name Who provides Prompt Feedback with Proper Technical Solutions as per Application.


Arya has successfully designed, developed, manufactured, tested and supplied various products based on customers specifications as under.

  • Water cooled transformer upto 10KA Current
  • Water cooled Air Core Inductor upto 40kA Current
  • Winding of coils with round hollow copper tube
  • Winding of coils with rectangular hollow copper section
  • Winding of Inductor coil with Stainless steel tube to match resistance and inductance parameters
  • Edgewise winding of coils
  • Fabrication of magnetic yoke for plasma research
  • Transformer with 100% Impedance

We follow various international standards

Our products are type tested for vibration requirement